Instructions for managing and configuring a profitable strategy INTERSECTION EA v.3.3

Name of advisor / expert © “INTERSECTION EA”, the respective trademarks and logos are trademarks of Kalinka Capital OU ( Estonia ).

Attention! This program is protected by copyright law and international conventions. Illegal copying or distribution of this program, or any part of it, may result in severe administrative and criminal penalties and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

• Current version: v.3.3

• Release Date: 24/0 6/2019

• For use in the Meta trading terminal Trader 5 - MetaQuotes Software Corp

• Purpose : trade automation for making transactions in the trading terminal according to a predetermined algorithm of the strategy embedded in the adviser's code and trading settings.

• Quotations Type: 4 (1.1234) or 5 (1.12345) digit quotes. The advisor automatically determines the type of quotes.

• Types of trading accounts : ECN , NDD , Pro , Standard , Cent ... all types of accounts supported by the Meta trading platform Trader 5.


Specifications and minimum requirements.

• Leverage : from 1:30. It is recommended to use for best results with minimal risks 1: 100 - 1: 200. To achieve maximum results, it is recommended to use 1: 500 with a load on the first position of no more than 1% of the deposit. How to establish the necessary volumes regarding your deposit and the number of tools used, read below in the instructions.

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Attention! The use of leverage of 1: 500 and higher increases the load on the deposit and increases the risk of losing the deposit when using the withdrawal at no loss / averaging.

Money Management : automatic control of the trading position volume to enter the market relative to the size of the trading account balance. It is possible to switch to a fixed volume. It is possible to switch to a fixed volume - the “ Fixet ” parameter lot size ”in the“ Type ”setting lot ”.

Limiting losses : entering the market with positions with StopLoss.

Hedging and averaging : Withdrawal at no loss / averaging is disconnected at the request of the trader . Hedging of unprofitable positions, partially or fully, at the expense of the profit obtained from closed positions according to the set parameters in the trading settings of the hedging module “ Hedging module settings ”

Used time frame: H 1, H 2, H 4, H 8 to enter the market. For each timeframe in a set trade settings are attached. Not all specified time frames may be suitable for the used currency pairs. Included settings can be offered only for a specific time frame suitable for a particular currency pair, taking into account its features.

Recommended minimum deposit: trading with StopLoss of at least $ 100 for each currency pair for a lot of 0.01. When trading using output at no loss / averaging, at least $ 250 for each currency pair for a lot of 0.01.

Installation: file format. ex 5 is installed in the “Advisors / Advisors ” trading terminal folder . Access to the folder is via the navigation menu of the Meta trading terminal. Trader 5. How to install an adviser in a trading terminal, read on our website in the FAQ section.

Trading settings: are delivered on the currency pairs specified at the beginning of this manual and on the advisor description page on our website.

Indicators: search for a formed divergence or convergence by the instrument traded on a specific time frame. The algorithm of the advisor’s work has the ability to select one of 21 (!) Market analysis strategies / classes. At the same time, 1 or 1 + 1 indicator out of 21 embedded in the code is used. The adviser for each of the 21 strategies / classes uses a certain combination of a group of indicators and the calculation of levels. we we will list everything used by indicators list - Accelerator, Accumulation / Distribution, Average Directional, Movement Index, Average True Range, Awesome oscillator, Bears Power, Bulls Power, Commodity Channel Index, DeMarker , Force Index, Momentum, Money Flow Index, Moving Averages Oscillator, Relative Strength Index, Standard Balance, Standard Deviation, Relative Vigor Index. Additionally, indicators are being recalculated with predetermined ratios of volumes, opening / closing / maximum / minimum prices according to a given formula, developed by traders together with the programmers of our company. The indicator is selected in the advisor settings via the drop-down menu.

Types of transactions: position in the market SELL , BUY . Deferred warrants SellStop , SellLimit , BuyStop , BuyLimit . For each currency pair and the selected time frame, the types of transactions differ depending on the behavioral factors of the selected instrument. In each trading setting, the necessary type of transaction is already pre-installed and no action or adjustment of this parameter by the user is required.

Informativeness : output to the chart of levels of fixation of total profits, voice notification about opening a position in the market and fixing profits. Info panel with indicators of a given target profit, current profit, and net profit, taking into account closed and open positions relative to a given date in the settings.

Description of forex trading strategy advisor Intersection EA.

Intersection EA is a fully automated program (trading robot) that performs trading transactions in the foreign exchange market in accordance with a given algorithm and individual trading instruments settings for each instrument. Intersection EA is perfect for beginners as well as for professionals who have solid experience in trading in financial markets.

The trader has 21 (!) Strategies / classes for searching for divergence and convergence with different time intervals, from technical to fundamental analysis, which allows entering the market and fixing profits within a day or keeping deals fundamentally from several days to several weeks, moving along the trend and taking away all long-term market movement.

We have developed several strategies and a number of trading settings, especially for the managing traders of PAMM accounts and personal investors who manage their capital personally.

Trading strategy: Entering the market is a search for a formed divergence or convergence by the instrument traded on a specific time frame. The algorithm of the advisor’s work has the ability to select one of 30 (!) Market analysis strategies / classes.

Trading options - scalping , intraday trading, long-term trading - a fundamental movement with the analysis of older time frames.

Parameters and trading settings

The Expert Advisor uses 56(!) Parameters for adjusting trade settings. Further we will tell about each setting with a detailed description of the results obtained. The EA settings window can be opened in the Meta terminal. Trader 5 in two ways.

1. Double click the left mouse button on the adviser symbol in the upper right corner of the chart where the adviser is installed.

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  1. Open the advisor settings menu via the F7 key. After opening the advisor settings window, you can manually change any parameter available in the settings, or load the ready-made trading settings supplied in the kit you purchased via the “Load” button.

Image of Yaktocat

Image of Yaktocat

Given the flexibility of the EA’s trading settings, you can also change the trading settings yourself, creating your own individual trading algorithm.

1 Beginners are recommended to work with the adviser for some time on a demo account.

All trade settings are available for changes and optimization in the INTERSECTION advisor EA.

Target profit module

Target profit from a given date - the best solution to the main task of managers!

Traders of our parent company Forex Invest Group OU was tasked to create a multitask module of the target profit. Which should conduct calculations from a given date and take into account profits / losses on closed positions, positions in the market and the number of currency pairs used during the reference period. This task was completed, and this module was implemented by Intersection. EA as part of our customers, as well as traders Forex Invest Group OU, manages the funds of investors.

Properties of the module and its actions.

⦁ Accounting profit loss from the starting date set in the settings.

⦁ Total counting for all open and closed positions on the trading account, regardless of whether the transactions were opened or closed by Intersection EA, third-party robots / advisors, scripts, or manually.

⦁ Permanent accounting of the profit / loss balance by the number of used and used currency pairs in a given period.

⦁ Fixing profits through the closure of all transactions on the account upon reaching a predetermined threshold to achieve the target profit.

⦁ Using this module, the account balance can be changed in any direction, both in the increase and decrease. Intersection EA will respond to these changes and make the appropriate adjustments to the calculations in accordance with the changes. Which in turn greatly relieves the load from managers trading on PAMM accounts.

Loss hedging module.

The action algorithm was very lacking for traders who trade using output in without loss (averaging). Now there is no cause for concern about the possible subsidence of the deposit due to the prolonged problem with a losing position, and its debts by withdrawing to the total profit on the same instrument. In that case, if a problem losing position appears suddenly or the account balance "sank" by 10% or more, the module is activated. Recall . X is the strategy of trading in divergence and convergence is one of the most stable strategies , with the number of profitable trades more than 95%, but losing trades are rare, but there are.

Now, with the help of a loss hedging module, loss-making positions are removed by making profit with other instruments. And in most cases, even before the output module is triggered at no loss / averaging. Due to this module, the possible drawdowns of the deposit have been halved together, and the profit factor and the expectation grow.

Restriction of trade in time.

For each currency pair, the start and end time of the search for the entry point is specified, during the period of greatest activity and maximum likelihood of the analysis execution accuracy. As a result, the periods of unstable trading of a currency pair and the provision of spontaneous influence of other instruments on the rate of the currency pair being traded are excluded as much as possible.

Trading settings, a detailed description.

For trial // enter the generated code to activate the trial version. When using a time-limited trial version, you can receive the generated code in your account on our site.

Setting profit and filter.

Amount of bars for TakeProfit // The number of completed bars to determine the level of TakeProfit. The maximum or minimum price of completed bars / candles of the working time frame is taken.

To fix profit when trend changes // Record profits when the trend changes. When the function is active, positions are opened without a set TakeProfit, the position will be closed at the signal of a trend change against the open position and a position will be opened in the direction of the newly formed trend. True = feature is active, False = feature is disabled.

Candle size for entry filter (0 - to disable) // Entry filtering candle size (0-disabled). The value in points. If the size of the completed candle is greater than the size specified in the settings and the candle is directed against the direction of the position being opened, the signal to open the position will be ignored and the position will not open.

Amount of bars for opening block (0 - to disable) // Count bars of prohibition of opening positions (0-disabled). During the specified number of bars / candles, it is forbidden to open new positions in the same direction in which the position on the same instrument was closed. The function counts from the bar / candle on which the last position on the instrument was closed.

Magic number // Position ID.

Configuring the search indicator divergence and convergence.

Type indicator // | drop-down menu |. A choice of 21 indicators is offered.

Number of steps backward // Offset in the number of steps back. Very fine tuning. It is recommended to use in the range from 0 to 3.

Level of Demark points // central bar is above (below) the 2 bars to the left= 5 // level of points DeMark. Example // the central bar will be above (below) the five bars on the left);

level of Demark points // central bar is above (below) the 2 bars on the right // level of points DeMark. Example: 1 = the central bar will be above (below) one bar to the right);

Period // The period of the indicator.

Method // | drop-down menu | ; method of averaging the signal for calculating the result. Not all indicators are used when selecting in the Type indicator parameter.

Shift // shift average.

Price // | drop down menu |; type of price.

Mode // 0 this parameter should always be 0 (zero). Using this parameter greater than 0 (zero) will be released separate settings with comments.

Fast EMA Period for MACD, OsMA // fast average period.

Slow EMA Period for MACD, OsMA // period of slow average.

Signal period for MACD, OsMA // signal line period.

Kperiod for Stohastic // period line K.

D period for Stohastic // the period of the line D.

Slowing for Stohastic // slowdown

Price for Stohastic // drop down menu; type of price.

b = 0.7 // averaging value for calculating the arithmetic mean value. It is not recommended to change, very fine tuning. Before changing a value that differs from the recommended developer settings, check the results in the strategy tester.

ShowBars // the number of bars / candles, on the working time frame, which will be used to analyze the market. 0 (zero) - all available history in the trading terminal is used.

Set up trading time.

Start Trade, Hour // time, in hours according to the terminal time, from which the advisor is allowed to search for entry points into the market and open positions.

Stop Trade, Hour // time, in hours, according to the terminal time, when the set value is reached, the adviser will close all profitable positions and will not search for new entry points.

Fix Profit After, (24-off) // time, in hours, closing profitable positions for the time set in the settings. This option is valid for every day except Friday.

Fix Profit Friday, (24-off) // time, in hours, to close profitable positions on Friday. When a given condition occurs, if a position is in profit, it closes. If the position is at a loss, the adviser waits for the position to be in profit by at least 1 point and closes the position, taking into account the commission and the swap. Positions in profit, but participating in averaging, will not be closed by this parameter.

Time Life Pos, Min. (0-off) // lifetime of a position in the market in minutes. Sets the time to find a position in the market. When a given condition occurs, if a position is in profit, it closes. If the position is at a loss, the adviser waits for the position to be in profit by at least 1 point and closes the position, taking into account the commission and the swap. Value = 0 (zero) disables this feature.

Trading settings.

TF Work // | drop-down menu | working time frame. Set the time frame from which the signals will be taken to enter the market. At the same time, the time frame of the chart in the terminal can be selected by anyone and this will not affect the trading results of the advisor.

Take Profit, pips // physical take profit given in points. If the take profit level, when analyzing historical lows and highs by the parameter Amount of bars for TakeProfit, is less than the set value. That position is opened with the level of take profit set in the parameter. The value in points.

*Orders type // | drop-down menu | selection of one of the three options for entering the market. In market - a position is opened in the market for the sale of the tool purchase Stop - a pending order SellStop or BuyStop is placed. Limit - a Limit Pending Order SellLimit or BuyLimt is placed.

Indent deferred orders // indent from the market price of a pending position in points when a pending order is opened.

Time life deferred Orders // time of a deferred position in minutes. When the specified value is reached, if a pending order does not trigger, it will be deleted.

Slippage // parameter in points. Permissible slippage in the execution of the order by the broker.

Customize trading volumes.

Type lot // | drop-down menu | type of calculation of the position volume. Two options:

1. Fixed lot size - fixed lot.

2. % margin for lot size - indicates the percentage of use of the margin from the account balance to open a position volume.

Fixed lot size or% margin for lot size // enter value to calculate volume. When the Fixed lot size option is selected, the value is set in lots. If% margin for lot size is selected, the calculated value is set in%.

Attention! This parameter requires personal adjustment before trading. Trading conditions and leverage may not be suitable for the parameter set by default in the trading setting. You need to adjust this parameter yourself through the strategy tester in your terminal, which will trade. By changing the value upwards or downwards, the volume of the position to be opened must correspond to 0.01 lot for every $ 100 of your free funds used for trading on the chosen currency pair. If you plan to trade on several currency pairs, you should take into account that in the tester settings you must specify the part of your funds that you will use to trade for each currency pair and not the entire amount of your account funds.

Example: Automatic determination of the volume of the position being opened.

In the parameter % margin for lot size set the value that corresponds to a percentage of the balance of the trading account. For example, we have a deposit of 10,000 dollars, the parameter% margin for lot size = 1 (1% of the deposit). Accordingly, we can open a position using a deposit of $ 100, which is approximately equal to 0.4 lots (1 lot = $ 239 of a deposit with a leverage of 1k500). Based on the calculation, we open a position with a volume of 0.4 lots.

Management of risks.

Type Risk management // | drop-down menu | choice of loss limits. Two options:

1. StopLoss - opening positions with a physical stop loss. Averaging / output in no loss is used.

2. Average - withdrawal is used at no loss through the opening of additional positions in the direction of a losing trade in accordance with the specified parameters in the settings of the adviser. Closing upon reaching the total profit on unprofitable and profitable transactions in one direction.

StioLoss pips or AVG DD pips // the value is set in points and is used by the option selected in the Type Risk management parameter.

AVG Orders type // | drop-down menu | selection of one of the three options for entering the market. In market - a position is opened in the market for the sale of the tool purchase Stop - a pending order SellStop or BuyStop is placed. Limit - a Limit Pending Order SellLimit or BuyLimt is placed.

AVG Indent deffered orders // indent from the market price of a pending position in points when a pending order is opened.

AVG Time life deferred Orders // lifetime of a deferred position in minutes. When the specified value is reached, if a pending order does not trigger, it will be deleted.

AVG Coeff Step // multiplication factor of the step / distance of the averaging position from / between the previous position.

True-lot is calculated in% from balance, False-lot set to // type of calculation of the volume of averaging position. True - the volume is calculated based on the size of the balance using the specified value in the Type lot parameter. False - the volume is equal to the volume of the unprofitable position for which the averaging position is opened.

Averaging profit in% from the deposit // total profit, in percentage, output without loss / averaging. When the specified value is reached, the adviser will close the group of positions involved in the averaging.

Trawl setting.

Tf Trailing // working time frame of the trawl from which the indicator signals are taken.

Start Trailing (0-disable) // the start of the activation of the trawl when the profit reaches the position in points.

SAR Step // ParabolicSAR indicator default setting

SAR Maximum // ParabolicSAR indicator default setting

The trawl works on the basis of Parabolic SAR indicators.

Setting up a hedge module.

ATTENTION! When using a hedging module when trading on multiple currency pairs, the module should be enabled on only one advisor, as well as the target profit module.On all other advisers installed on other pairs, turn off (!) Everywhere.

Use hedging // true - the module is enabled, false - the module is disabled.

Use Control Center // true - the use of the “Cerebro” control center is enabled. False - the control center is disabled; the Hedge and Target Profit modules of the adviser are used.

Drawdown position pips // drawdown of the position in points, after which the position will be listed on the hedge queue due to the profit gained.

Coefficient Hedge // hedging ratio. A part of the profit is set, which will be used to cover the loss in the most unprofitable position.

Example: the parameter is set to 0.8, the profit is fixed at $ 100. A part of the profit in the amount of $ 80 will be used to cover the loss of the most unprofitable or “oldest in the market” unprofitable transaction, and $ 20 dollars will remain on the account balance. A value of 1.0 corresponds to the use of all the profits, for the last closed deal, to cover the loss of the losing trade itself.

Attention! When fixing the total profit by the positions used in averaging, the resulting profit is not used by this module to cover losses on the most unprofitable transaction.

Interval, sec // The interval of the request for the state of an account to search for the most unprofitable position in seconds. Deposit drawdown in% to enable (0 - to disable) // deposit deposit in% subject to more than a specified parameter, the module wakes up from sleep mode.

Configure target profit module.

Image of Yaktocat

Enable target profit // true - module is active . False - the module is turned off .

To use date and time for control values // true - fixation of profits from specified start date for calculating profit / loss . False - counting and recording profits within the day. Each new day, the results of the previous day are reset, and the calculation starts again, taking into account the current situation on open positions in the market.

Attention! In the case of multi-currency trading (trading several instruments) when using this module, it should be active only on one of the used charts. On the remaining charts in the advisor settings, it should be turned off. See the description of the module on page №3 of this manual.

Date / time of control values // The date of commencement of the profit / loss account to achieve the established target profit. After fixing the target profit, you need to set a new date corresponding to the latest date of fixing the target profit. The date must be set if the parameter “ To use date and time for control values ” = true.

Target profit in % for each pair // target profit in% for each instrument separately.

Target profit in % for the day for date / time control // target profit in % of Balance accounts on set date .

Example: the parameter is set to 1.0. For the accounting period until reaching the target profit, the adviser used 7 currency pairs to trade. The module will take into account the number of used currency pairs and multiply them by the percentage of target profit set in the settings. The result will be a target profit of 7%.

Recommended when using the target profit within the day “ To use date and time for control values ” = false , do not overstate the target profit%, but proceed from the calculation of the total profit in the range of 1-2% cumulatively for all the tools used. When using the target profit based on the specified starting date “ To use date and time for control values ” = true to proceed from the calculation within 10-15% of the total target profit for all used instruments.

In the trading settings for the adviser, the default files are installed with voice guidance in English.

Attention! All trade settings are linked to the GMT +2 time zone . If the time of your broker’s terminal has a different time zone, you need to adjust the parameters of Start Trade Hour , Stop Trade relative to GMT +2 +/- the difference of your broker’s time zone.

Trade settings files, updates

Included with the advisor are the trading settings for currency pairs specified on the advisor description page on our website . Trade settings are located in the “ Trade Settings ” folder , which is located in the advisor’s folder / archive received by you with the name “EA_ Intersection ”.

When new forex updates of Intersection EA advisor or trading settings for it are released, we will notify you in the newsletter of our website or send updates to your email address registered when you purchased the advisor.

Optimization of trading settings

The bundle you purchased has a “ foroptimization intersection ” file that contains a predefined set of optimizable setting ranges. You can optimize several or one settings that you define by ticking the selected parameter in the advisor properties settings window in the terminal tester.

If you have questions and you are not sure that you will be able independently to configure or select optimization parameters, contact the administrators of our tech. support on our.

Our recommendations: we recommend to adhere to the rules of deposit risk management. For each currency pair for a position with a lot size of 0.01, you need a $ 100-250 deposit. For example, if you decide to enter the market with a volume of 0.5 lots, you need to make calculations to determine a sufficient deposit for trading. When using automatic lot calculation, we recommend not to exceed the total value in the Margin % for lot calculation setting (0 - to fixed lot ) total for all currency pairs not more than 1.0.

Our contacts:


e - mail : support[at]

Online chat technical support is available on all pages of our site.

The working hours of technical support on working days, from Monday to Friday, from 10 -00 to 19 -00 on GMT +2.

We wish you a profitable trade !

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Trading on Forex and other financial products is highly risky and can lead to significant losses. Trading in the market may not be suitable for everyone. You need to be aware of all the risks when asking for help from independent financial advisers if you have questions or doubts.

The name of the advisor / expert © “INTERSECTION EA”, the respective trademarks and logos are trademarks owned by Kalinka Capital OU ( Estonia ).

Attention! This program is protected by copyright law and international conventions. Illegal copying or distribution of this program, or any part of it, may result in severe administrative and criminal penalties and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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