Improve stable income on forex market is real with forex advisor INTERSECTION EA. With each $10 000 for 12 to 15 months $5660.06.


Good morning !

In this statement , we will clarify the results of trading robot testing INTERSECTION EA, executed for the date 2017.01.02 - 2018.03.17 by instrument GBPCAD with the use of candles from timeframe H1.

For perspective control of our robots are using only historical bars «all ticks based on real ticks». This option makes it possible to always 100% emulate the conditions of trading, with traded conditions price/spread, same as in live trading. Verification was concluded with the use of the history of quotes of the Broker Alfa.

What profits we've reached by testing on other trading settings by pairs GBPCAD?
Conclusions gained positive !

For the time period 2017.01.02 - 2018.03.17, with the use of of capital approximately 1%, forex robot INTERSECTION EA made 56.6% to the beginning deposit. With such income, maximal equity drawdown went for only 3.91%, and by the balance it was 0.02%. This is a satisfying result, in relation to income and drawdown. Resulting in average profits per trade of $189.7, a total income on the account of $5660.06, with deposit $10000

Advisor beginned trading with the volume of trade in 0.41 lot, with the finishing position was executed with the amount of 0.55 lot. Advisor INTERSECTION EA uses self controlled accounting of volume of opened trades in the market in comparison volume of the deposit. Gained profit immediately used in for trading to open next position, which gives an opportunity to profit more effective profit, expanding exponentially, in comparison to volume of traded position.

So lets go for financial data results verifying of the strategy INTERSECTION EA. For the time of 2017.01.02 - 2018.03.17 currency pair GBPCAD was executed 31 of orders. From which 30 (96.77%) positive and 1 (3.23%) negative, with the averaged value per each 15 positive positions, 1 negative. This is stable enough result!

Amount of margin, with the load of funds of 1%, saved constantly in a range of 9568.1%. Taking into account that in average, brokers have boundary level of «margin call» and «stop out» in the range of 20 to 100%, we have a huge margin backup for the funds usage in percents to be increased in 10 times, from set value in trading settings. With the highest application of the deposit 10% potential opportunity to make profit up to $54156 , with source deposit} $10000.

Forex robot INTERSECTION EA very stably enters the trading to gain the profit . In date of 2017.01.02 - 2018.03.17 best result was a series of 13 trades with uninterrupted gaining of profit, against the series of 1 negative trades. Resulting in the best series of trades giving $2 611.04 growth to the initial account balance in $10000.

Let's talk about spreads that are paid, for the entire testing period.
For the entire time of testing of this algorythmical system, amount that was paid to the Broker resulted in 40 points of spread, or $191, for the positions opening. By working working with our company, you have soild chance to get the paid spread amount back. If to take this test as an example, you would have gained an additional profits, in a form of rebate from paid spread, in amount of $72. Kalinka Capital OU is an official affiliate of the most major and well recommended Broker companies. connect to our service for spread rebate, and gain additional income to the results of your trading activity.

Results! Using instrument GBPCAD in trading, with the start account balance of $10000 and 1:500 leverage, with the load of deposit of only 1% You can gain profit of $5660.06 or up to $54156 with the use of maximal rational risks of 10%

Below are six charts that are displaying the results, for all the duration of tested duration:

Gain in points, for the testing period 2017.01.02 - 2018.03.17 resulting in:

  • 2017: 962 points
  • 2018: 245 points
  • The full strategy description which the forex robot is using in trading INTERSECTION EA

    In this review, trading setting of "GBPCAD H1 MACD+DMRK Build001", was used, and is supplied with the forex robot INTERSECTION EA.

    Review is conducted Vadim Kalinin
    Trader of the strategy.

    Wishing you successful trading!

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