Expert Advisor FOREX AZIMUTH V.1.04. Instructions for use.




Name of advisor/expert “Forex Azimuth”©, trade marks and logos, belongs to Kalinka Capital OU (Estonia) company.

Attention! This program is protected by copyright and international conventions laws. Illegal copying or distribution of this program, or any part of it can cause severe administrative and criminal penalties and will be prosecuted to the extent of the law.

Technical and trading characteristics

Appointment: Automated trading and trading orders execution in Forex market through trading terminal MetaTrader 4 (MetaQuotes Software Corp.)

Types of trading accounts: ECN, NDD, Pro, Standard, Micro … all account types supported by Meta Trader4 terminal.

Type of quotes: automatic determination of quotes type, 4 (1,2342) or 5 (1,23429) quotes.

Money Management: automatic control of trading position volume for market entry, in relation to the balance of trading account.

Currency pair: EUR/USD, GBP/USD. The list of used currency pairs may be expanded.

Time frame: М5, М30, Н1. Trading settings for each time frame are located in the advisor folder. Not all time frames are used for specified currency pair. Trading settings can use specified time frame for specified currency pair.

Recommended leverage: not below 1:100.

Recommended minimal deposit: 200$ for 0,01 lot, for each currency pair.

Indicators: not standard and standard RSI, Bollinger Bands, MACD encoded into the code of advisor/expert.

Informational content: Information output on chart through the info panel, orders statistics, main trade settings, status of advisor, approximation to the point of entry probability in % relation, voice notification about position opening or pending order placement.

Installation: advisor is installed in MetaTrader4 terminal through installation file automatically.

Trading settings: Settings for currency pairs EUR/USD, GBP/USD. are supplied with advisor. Trading settings need to be installed manually through the properties of advisor window.

Description of advisor

Strategy of “Forex Azimuth" trading is developed by traders of Kalinka Capital OU (Estonia). “Forex Azimuth” is highly profitable and risk-free advisor for automated trading on forex market.

One of the main advantage of “Forex Azimuth” advisor is a system of market analysis for position opening, based on the calculations of current trading volumes, strength of movement and acceleration of quotes(market price) through the amount of ticks in specified time period. Which makes this advisor active enough to make a number of orders during trading day.

“Forex Azimuth” informs trader about the presence of a signal for position opening or profit fixing through marks on the chart of used currency pair (see pic. 1). Amount of profit fixing in points depends on the market activity and strength of current trend. More active the trend is, then more profit in points is fixed when position is closing. Control of the moment of fixing the highest profit is preformed by the “Trend Spier" system, developed by our company.

Image of Yaktocat pic.1

Advisor is related to category of trend forex advisors, time periods of trading limitations are used in algorithm of this advisor. By using this function advisor will not open any trades during low activity of the market, like it is during Asian session and after the end of European session.

For the output without-loss of positions in negative state, system of trend reversal analysis is used, for analysis of quotes reversal in direction of loss making order and following output in total profit through placement of pending orders by the signals of one of the indicators encoded into the forex advisor "Azimuth". Without-loss system is not using lot exponents of averaging position, or so called "Martingale" system, which in turn saves the margin level and equity availability (free funds) of your account in safe volume, making the trading with advisor Azimuth, risk-free.

For better informativeness in forex advisor, visual indication of total profit accounting level of opened positions when without-loss system is working is applied (see pic. 3 and 4).

Also, the info panel is used in the system, informing the trader about the status and enclosure in % relation of the without-loss system activation for output in total profit of all positions, including loss making orders. (see pic. 2).

Below the in the chart window, second info panel is placed, which informs the trader about the broker's trading conditions of used currency pair, active trading settings of “Forex Azimuth” advisor and trading history statistics on gained profit in points and in currency of the deposit, and relation of profit and loss trades. (see pic. 5).

Image of Yaktocat pic.2

Image of Yaktocat pic.3

Image of Yaktocat pic.4

Image of Yaktocat pic.5

In archive of advisor ready to use trading settings attached for EUR/USD, GBP/USD currency pairs, for time frames М5, М30, Н1. Time frames can be different for each currency pair. Also, there is a file for optimization of trading settings with preset range of optimized parameters (see the manual on «How to optimize the trading settings» on our website). Traders of our company are constantly working to improve the performance of trading strategies and trading settings. You will have trading settings and version updates for “Forex Azimuth”, forex advisor in the moment of publication, for free. Updates will be sent at your e-mail address specified when advisor was purchased.

Installation of advisor

Advisor is compiled in .ex4 format. For advisor to work correctly your MetaTrader4 terminal must be updated to version\build 419 or above. Advisor is installed through installation file, in installation path to MetaTrader4 terminal. Watch the video instruction on our YouTube channel.

Downloaded installation file must be extracted from .RAR-archive and launched by double click on the icon. Follow the advisor installation instructions. After installation is complete, launch the terminal, select the advisor Azimuth Raptor icon from the navigator menu, drag it at the chart of selected currency pair. Advisor can be installed for trading on more than one currency pair. Select TimeFrame period, according to the file of trading settings loaded into advisor. Selected TimeFrame will affect the advisor’s performance. Advisor works with all DC/Brokers with 4/5 digit quotes. Major condition for stable performance is permanent connection to the Internet and to your broker. In case if connection will be lost, all pending orders will be executed by your broker. After connection is restored, advisor will continue its work and support of orders.

Parameters and trading settings

Forex advisor uses 42 parameters of trading settings regulations and 12 additional parameters. Window of advisor settings can be viewed in MetaTrader4 terminal by two ways.

  1. Right mouse button click on the chart, where advisor is installed, in pop-up window select «Advisor\Properties».
  2. Open the advisor settings window through F7 key.

When settings window is opened, you can change any parameter manually, or load ready to use trading settings from the folder of advisor through «Load» button. Given the flexibility of trading settings, you can create your own trading strategy.

Image of Yaktocat pic.6

After advisor and trading settings installation, it's necessary to activate a set of permissions in terminal. Check the fields in «Common» tab, to match the picture №6

Image of Yaktocat pic.7

LANGUAGE_ENGLISH // true - English language, false – Russian language

USA_or_JAPAN_ACCOUNT // For USA or JAPAN accounts (true - for accounts opened in Brokers registred in USA or Japan, false – limitations are disabled.). By enabling this function, limitations on two counter orders opened on the same currency pair are taken into account.

"=== Azimuth Options ==="; settings of indicator for market entry

AZ_TIMEFRAME //time frame from which signals are taken for indicator

AZ_SENSETIVE // allowed range of parameters values from 30 to 300

AZ_DEADZONE_PIPS // allowed range of parameters values from 1 to 50

AZ_EXPLOSION_POWER // allowed range of parameters values from 5 to 100

AZ_TREND_POWER // allowed range of parameters values from 5 to 100

AZ_MACD_FAST //settings of the standard MACD indicator

AZ_MACD_SLOW // settings of the standard MACD indicator

AZ_MACD_SIGNAL // settings of the standard MACD indicator

AZ_BANDS_PERIOD // settings of the standard Bollinger Bands indicator

AZ_BANDS_DEVIATION // settings of the standard Bollinger Bands indicator

AZ_BANDS_SHIFT // settings of the standard Bollinger Bands indicator

AZ_WPR_TIMEFRAME //time frame from which signals are taken for Williams’ Percent Range indicator

AZ_WPR_PERIOD //settings of standard Williams’ Percent Range indicator

AZ_ WPR _LEVEL_BUY // settings of standard Williams’ Percent Range indicator

AZ_ WPR _LEVEL_SELL // settings of standard Williams’ Percent Range indicator

[*] AZ_MA_TIMEFRAME // time frame from which signals are taken for Moving Average (used to filter the positions amount by trend direction)

AZ_ MA _FAST_PERIOD // settings of standard indicator

AZ_ MA _FAST_SHIFT // settings of standard indicator

AZ_ MA _FAST_METOD // settings of standard indicator

AZ_ MA _FAST_PRICE // settings of standard indicator

AZ_SHOW_ARROWS // show the marks on the chart of currency pair, for a signal to open a position in the market, position closing or profit fixing.

[*]Filter to prevent positions opening against the trend. Signal formed on bases of gained values from two Moving Average indicators. When fast and slow Moving average lines are crossed and placed against each other, quotes movement is determined, upward or downward. This filter won't let positions to open, even if there is a signal :

  • if upward movement is determined - sell positions are limited.

  • if downward movement is determined - buy positions are limited.

Image of Yaktocat

"=== Trend Way Options ==="; settings of indicator for opening of pending orders for without-loss output

TW_TIMEFRAME // time frame from which signals are taken for the indicator

TW_WAVE_PERIOD // Period 1

TW_AVG_PERIOD // Period 2

TW_METHOD // allowed range of parameter values form 0 to 3. Method: MODE_SMA=0, MODE_EMA=1, MODE_SMMA=2, MODE_LWMA=3;

TW_APPLIED_PRICE // allowed range of parameter values form 0 to 6. Price base: CLOSE=0, OPEN=1, HIGH=2, LOW=3, MEDIAN=4, TYPICAL=5, WEIGHTED=6;

TW2_LEVEL_UP // Level for SELL signals. Allowed range of values from 0 to +100

TW2_LEVEL_DOWN // Level for BUY signals. Allowed range of values from 0 to -100

"=== Time Limit Options ==="; time limitations of advisor

SHIFT_GET_SIGNAL //amount of bars/candles though which advisor resumes market analysis after position closing in profit.

USE_TIME_LIMIT // use of time limitations of market entry (true – function is enabled, false – no limitations on market entry by time). This function limits only opening of new positions n the market, if there is no active without-loss output/averaging of loss making positions. When this function is enabled, without-loss output/averaging is still working.

TIME_BEGIN_HOUR //time of trading beginning in hours

TIME_BEGIN_MINUTE // time of trading beginning in minutes

TIME_END_HOUR // time of trading stop in hours

TIME_END_MINUTE // time of trading stop in minutes

In attached with the advisor trading settings, time parameters are banded to GMT+2. If your broker's time is in another time zone, correct these settings in accordance with your broker time. If your broker's time is GMT+3, you need to correct the settings to +1 hour (if by default in trading settings file supplied with the advisor, time is sett to 9, correct it to 10).

"=== Profit Options ==="; settings of profit fixing parameters

TAKE_PROFIT // physical TakeProfit of position by trend

STOP_LOSS // StopLoss of start position, by which market entry was executed

TP_AVERAGE // virtual TakeProfit of without-loss system

PIPS_DD // amount of points in drawdown through which search for pending order placement point will be started, for without-loss output by the signal of TW2 indicator

PIPS_INDENT // indentation in points from current price for pending order placement for output without-loss

"=== Trailing Stop Options ==="; settings of profit position trawling

USE_TRAILING_STOP // function of profit position trawling (true – trawling is active, false – trawling is not used)

T.STOP_BUY // trawling start for buy position, in points of profit equal to this parameters value or above

T.STOP_SELL // trawling start for sell position, , in points of profit equal to this parameters value or above

T.STEP // trawl step in points

T.INDENT_BUY // indentation of trawl level from the current market price. Value must not be more than level of trawl function activation T.Stop_Buy. In case if it will be, trawl will be placed in negative zone of position profit.

T.INDENT_SELL // indentation of trawl level from the current market price. Value must not be more than level of trawl function activation T.Stop_Sell. In case if it will be, trawl will be placed in negative zone of position profit.

"=== Lots Options ==="; regulations of trading position/order volume

VOLUME_TYPE // selection of lot type. Fixed – advisor is using fixed lot volume selected in VOLUME_TYPE parameter. Percent - automatic regulation of trading position volume in relation to the amount of trading account balance

FIXED_VOLUME // fixed volume of trading position in lot

PERCENT_VOLUME // used % from balance to open the trading position

Attention! This parameter requires personal adjustments before trading. Some trading conditions and leverage can be unsuitable for this parameter, setted by default in trading settings. You need to regulate this parameter by yourself, through strategy tester in your terminal, on which trading will be committed. By changing this parameter in bigger or smaller value, volume of trading position must be 0,01 lot per 200$ of free funds used for trading on selected currency pair. If you will be using more than one currency pair, you must take into account that in strategy tester settings you need to specify exactly the same deposit as you will be using for trading on each currency pair, not all of your deposit.

Example: Automatic determination of position lot volume.

In PERCENT_VOLUME parameter enter the value, in according to the percent from the balance of trading account. Example, we have 10 000 USD deposit, PERCENT_VOLUME parameter =1 (1% from the deposit). So we can open a position using 100 USD margin, this is equal to ~0,4 lot (1lot = 239 USD of margin with leverage 1:500). From this calculation, we are opening the position with 0,4 lot.

If you have any questions and you are not sure that you can adjust this parameter by yourself, you can address to our tech. support administration or watch the video manual on our website in «FAQ » section.

"=== Extra Options ==="; additional settings

SHOW_INFO_PANEL // enable/disable of info bar (Тrue – info panel is on and displayed in the terminal chart. False – panel is disabled).

NUMBER_OF_TRY // amount of attempts for trading operation when being requoted by DC\Broker.

SLIPPAGE // allowed slippage of quotes by execution of order by DC\Broker

MAGIC_NUMBER // ID of orders

USE_SOUND_OPEN_POSITION // True – Use the voice message when market position is opened. False – not to use voice message.

SOUND_OPEN_POSITION // name of the sound file, played when market position is opened

USE_SOUND_SET_PENDING_ORDER //True – Use the voice message when pending order is placed for without-loss output. False – not to use the voice message.

SOUND_SET_PENDING_ORDER // name of the sound file used when pending order for without-loss function is placed

USE_SOUND_GET_PROFIT //True – enable the voice message when position is close with profit. False – not to play a voice message.

SOUND_GET_PROFIT // name of the sound file used when market position is closed in profit.

Files of trading settings, updates

Files of trading settings for EUR/USD, GBP/USD. currency pairs are supplied with the advisor, and located in “Trade Settings” folder, in archive of “Forex Azimuth” advisor.

When new version updates for forex advisor “Forex Azimuth” or trading settings will be publicated you will be informed through the news banner on our website, and e-mail, sent at your address.

Optimization of trading settings

In archive of advisor is a file with “for_optimization_forex_azimuth”, name, which contains preset of optimized range of trading settings. You can optimize few or one trading setting, by marking it in the window of strategy tester parameters.

Image of Yaktocat pic.8

If you have questions and you not sure if you can select optimization parameters, you can address to tech. Support administration, or watch the video manuals on our website in «FAQ» section.

Our contacts


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Tech. Support online time is Monday-Friday, from 10-00 till 19-00, GMT+2.

Kalinka Capital OU company wishes successful trading for you!

Trading on forex and other CFD is highly risky and can cause serious losses. Trading with CFD may not be suitable for everyone. You need to be aware of all the risks, seek for advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any questions or doubts.

Name of advisor/expert “Forex Azimuth”©, associated trade marks and logos, belongs to Kalinka Capital OU (Estonia) company.

Attention! This program is protected by copyright and international conventions laws. Illegal copying or distribution of this program, or any part of it can cause severe administrative and criminal penalties and will be prosecuted to the extent of the law.

Download Forex Azimuth instruction. In .pdf format.

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