Lamborghini Huracan for everyone!

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Greetings, future lambo owners!

Many know, that one of the world leaders in trading on currency market InstaForex is giving away a sport car made by the legendary Italian company— Lamborghini! And not some old casual "lambo", but the new Lamborghini Huracan! Owner will be determined 20th December of 2019, among all traders registered and completed conditions.

Image of Yaktocat Webpage of the lottery on the InstaForex broker's website

It's simple!

In order to participate, only one rule needs to be followed - open an account and deposit it with minimum with $1 000 and trade on this account. Amount of accounts opened is not limited. The more accounts are opened, the more chances you have to be an owner of a new Lamborghini Huracan. At the moment of publication of this article, 7th of August 2019, over 1820 participants were registered, with 1401 of active accounts. So at this time, your chance is about 1 to 1401.

Chances of winning this is higher than to win a lottery, as the statistics on those is about 1 to 95 millions.

Don't get sad and leave his page, as the most interesting part is about to be revealed!

Thanks to Insta Forex for providing this opportunity, as well as all the other kinds of lotteries, and for us to be a part of this project. We try and support this Lamborghini Huracan project through our websites and social pages.

But! Right at the beginning of 2019, we finished our new version of forex advisor / robot, trading on the bases of «Gann square» strategy. This robot was created in 2012 and is constantly upgraded.

During tests and optimizations we came to great results. Now, we want to share our achievements with you!

When we were revising the results, one of our employees jokingly said – «Lambo to everyone!». And we thought, why not?! Let's do it, for our current and future clients.

What is the difference in InstaForex lottery?

Only one difference. We offer for anyone to get Lamborghini Huracan!

You will probably say, "what kind of scam it is"?!

No scam here! Results only from you and your patience. Everything else can be done by our forex robot HEDGE GATE by a pre-determined algorithm and trading settings. You need only to provide the advisor with stable internet access and your PC recourses daily Monday to Friday, till the targeted profit is reached.

How much Lamborghini Huracan costs?

Here is an example - Lamborghini Huracan EVO Coupe, Lifting, Q-Citura, on stock!! For $260 541.00 (two hundred thousand dollars). Prices vary in a range of +/- 20% depending on package. We took the middle one to compare.

What are the profits and when will I have Lamborghini Huracan?

Here is the result.

Starting the same day as the promotion started, with the $1 000 deposit. We shift our start to one year back (three years is given for this promotion), to 26th of December 2015. Reminding that InstaForex promotion started 26th of December 2016, and will end at 26th of December 2019.

Why did we shift the date?

Yes, we could choose a three year period ending 7th August 2019(date when this article was publicated). But it would e wrong! As the currency market is a cycle one at sorts, and has different phases of volatility and activity in relation to season. So, we adjusted time of the test day-to-day considering seasonal volatility.

So, let's roll!

We've deposited the initial deposit with - $1 000. Same as the Lamborghini Huracan in InstaForex promotion condition.

Starting form 26th of December 2015 we begin to make traders with the help of the HEDGE GATE advisor. Ending the trade right past three years, exactly the duration of this promotion in InstaForex. Fixing the profit 26th of December 2018.

Is the Lamborghini Huracan target reached?


With the initial $1 000, for 3 years we made $268 586. Enough to get a new Lamborghini Huracan!

Image of Yaktocat photo is illustrative

* What kind of risks we've encountered during this 3 years? **

Maximal drawdown by equity (this is how much we got into drawdown, with opened market positions) - 23,75%. But in this period there were many quakes on the market. And of course the most critical for Euro zone - 23.06.2016 UK declaring BREXIT, and the HEDGE GATE advisor advisor survived this event!

With 89% of profitable trades for the whole period. By watching our forex robot trading, we always were in good mood. As 89% of good news are in our favor, with the average relation being 10 profit trades to 1 losing trade.

At the end of this article you will be provided with a link containing a full statement with results of trading.

What did you traded?

We've used the most volatile and demanded pair on the market EUR/USD (Euro / US dollar). For market analysis and projection of EUR/USD activity during a trading day, we've used D1 TimeFrame applying the «Gann Square» theory.

For the newbies that dont know what is the D1. This is a time frame for which bar/candle is formed on the chart of trading terminal. In a case of D1, it will be a one day candle, which displays the whole activity of a price during one day, and a data such as opening and closing prices, maximal and minimal prices of the currency pairs. Strategy analyses last 500 days candles by the «Gann Square» theory, projecting future market directions with maximal accuracy. As we see from the results, projection accuracy is equal 89%.

Any professional trader will tell you that this is a veeery good result!

How to get this trading robot and start your journey to Lamborghini Huracan?

You can get this HEDGE GATE advisor on our website

Two ways are available :

1. Monthly rent. You can choose any amount of months and then continue renting as long as you need.

2. To buy the full version without any time limits. You get it once and use it forever. For the most fastest 10 clients, we will provide a 30% discount. In order to activate our discount, when you are checking out of the store, use the promo-code of HG30 (only 10 licenses will be available for this promo-code). For the entire duration of your license, tech. support and free updates will be provided.

We are in the same team!

Starting from September 1st of 2019 we will open a special account with the FxPro Broker, with the initial deposit of $1 000, and will start trading, to gain enough to reach the Lamborghini Huracan price tag. We've created a face-book group «Lamborghini Huracan for everyone». We will invite everyone who uses the HEDGE GATE advisor there, with a target, to reach the Lamborghini Huracan price tag for 3 years from $1 000.

Join the «Lamborghini Huracan for everyone»!

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