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Forex trading with the use of our forex advisors is nothing like casino game, with its aggression and risks. It is directed for constant profits. Our systems are using multiple strategies of systematic and safe profit. They consider seasonal factors of currency pairs oscillations, which are used in trading. Our forex experts are using the major currencies, oscillations of which can be almost precisely analyzed.


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Medium-term advisor Magelan Actual version: 1.01 
 Last date of release: 23/11/2017
 Technical support: 5 days a week, through on-line chat or e-mail (on english and russian languages)
 Platform/OS: Windows, MetaTrader 4
 Trading strategy: trading statistics for the last 7 days on opened positions majority/amount of traders on specified instruments, displayed on the chart. Recommendations on market entry when majority percent is reached on opened positions in lot volume. Trader is informed about the price with most positions opened in buy and sell directions. Positions opened manually though the panel, market or pending orders (BuyStop, BuyLimit, SellStop, SellLimit) on the levels with most opened positions, judging by the statistics.
 Trading account types: ECN, NDD, Pro, Standard, Micro … all account types supported by MetaTrader4 terminal.
 Recommended leverage: any.
 Recommended minimal deposit: With averaging positions - 100 USD per 0,01 standard lot per each currency pair used in trading, with pledge up to 250 USD per 1,0 standard lot. If pledge is increased, minimal deposit must be increased along with increased pledge.
 Profitability: from 30% monthly, with 1% of deposit pledge per each currency pair, with 10 and more pairs in use.
 Quotes type: automatic determination of quotes 4 (1,2342) or 5 (1,23429) digits after comma.
 Money Management: automatic control of trading position volume for market entry, in relation to the balance of trading account.
 Used time frame: any. Advisor can use any timeframe, and can switch timeframes and currency pair charts though it's panel, without opening a chart per each used instrument separately.
 Indicators: technical analysis indicators are not used. Information displayed on the panel is about volume in lots of opened buy and sell positions statistics, price of the most buy and sell opened orders accumulation/averaged price of buy and sell orders accumulation, distance from current price to averaged price of buy and sell positions.
 Money Management: automated control of trading position's lot volume for market entry in relation to the trading account's balance, or the use of fixed lot amount. 

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 TO DOWNLOAD FREE VERSIONScoutFX-Panel-v.1.0-light-version-MT4.rar [632,24 Kb] (downloads: 0)



Trader's panel ScoutFX, was created to make manual trading easier, to traders that mainly or partially prefer manual trading. This trading panel is meant to help make decision easier, showing the statistics of most traders decision for market entry. Using this data, trader can chose a direction of market entry or make corrections in his own trading, using ScoutFX panel data.  
This panel also alerts trader about reaching specified domination percentage of sellers and buyers, for each instrument, via voice message, indication of the panel, pop-up window with a message about to pay attention on specified instrument.    

This panel allows market position or pending orders opening in one click with pre-determined parameters of order or position. Settings allow to adjust parameters on position's volume, choosing between automated lot volume calculation or using fixed lot amount. Trader can also set losses limitation as stoploss amount, and to specify takeprofit amount in points, or to fix profits on the price of the most opened market positions accumulation by statistics.    

Also, with each price changes, trader momentarily receives data about the range from current price to averaged price of opened positions in the market.  

Using ScoutFX panel is easy for market situation analysis, and performing rapid actions in trading terminal for market entry. ScoutFX panel, unlike standard MetaTrader4 panel, provides more functions for market entry. With the help of ScoutFX panel following orders can be opened :    
•  market positions Buy, Sell
•  pending orders BuyStop, BuyLimit, SellStop, SellLimit. Trading panel will determine itself which type of pending order should be opened, judging on price location and averaged price on positions opened by majority of traders.


diferances between paid and free versions.
Two options of ScoutFX panel is presented for your attention, paid and free versions.  

•    In paid version you have all system's settings and possibility to add unlimited amount of instruments for trading.
•    In free version, you have only two currency pairs, USD/JPY and USD/CHF. And you can't set the desired StopLoss/TakeProfit volumes. All positions or pending orders will open without StopLoss/TakeProfit, set on averaged price levels of all opened positions available in statistics. The rest of all functions for market position opening and pending order placement, is fully functional. TO DOWNLOAD FREE VERSIONScoutFX-Panel-v.1.0-light-version-MT4.rar [632,24 Kb] (downloads: 0)

List of recommended Brokers for trading with Magelan v.8.10

FxPro,XM,Alpari,A-Markets,RoboForexand other brokers with floating spread of not more than 3 points.



Main purpose of this software is to rapidly inform trader about volumes, price levels and other traders priorities in market positions and instruments/currency pairs.
In our own trading, where we are using manual trading methods, our traders use this panel as a helping tool in order to make trading process easier.  
Market entry.
Strategy is easy to understand. And to make profit, you don't need to perform complex technical and fundamental analysis. Everything is already done for you by thousands of traders on real accounts, by which system gathers statistics. By lot volume of opened positions, you can see how popular is specific pair at the moment. You can specify the period of statistics update in the settings of ScoutFX panel(we recommend not to set it up for less than 15 minutes).
Many are aware of behavioral factors of the market movements, as  «Marketmaker's hunt for the stopps of minor traders».
Here, we trade accordingly with this rules. To have a signal on one of the instruments, on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday we follow the trader's choice, and open positions in the same direction(!), as a majority. But on Thursday and Friday, when we receive a signal about reaching the specified majority of opened positions in one direction, we enter choose the opposite(!) direction from majority choice. As this is the time of «marketmaker's hunt for the stopps of minor traders» and the quotes shortly increase their volatility, starting to move away from majority.  
Statistics show that possibility of profit gain using this strategy is exceeding 85-90% of profit trades.

Parameters and trading settings.
18 trading and supporting parameters are used. Below is a description of each parameter.  
•    Language - to choose between languages.
•    Target for enter - targeted percent of trader's opened positions domination. Percent value is set, when reached, equal or less, ScoutFX panel informs about necessity to make a decision about the market entry.    
•    Update period, min - update period. With set period, ScoutFX panel will update the data on opened trader's trades.   
•    Symbols list - list of instruments, about which you want to receive statistics and use it in your trading. List  of instruments is specified past comma without spaces. Not available in free version, only a pre-set of two pairs USDJPY,USDCHF.
•    Volume fixed lot - fixed lot volume of opened market position or pending order.
•    Volume percent lot - automated lot volume calculation of opened position, or pending order in relation to the specified percentage from the account's deposit. Not available in free version.
•    Take profit - desired TakeProfit size in points (value is set on the basis of 5 digit quotes). Not available in free version.
•    StopLoss - pre-set StopLoss value in points (value is set on the basis of 5 digit quotes). Not available in free version.
•    Magic number - Orders ID of market and pending orders. Number must be unique in case if there are another systems in use on the trading account.
•    FontName - name of the text front that is displayed in the panel. System fronts that are installed on the computer can be used.  
•    Font size - размер шрифта. Доступны на выбор три варианте предустановленного размера Small, Midle, Big.
•    Bacground Color - background color of the panel.
•    Text Color - text color of the instrument name, tab colors and position opening buttons.
•    Short Color - background color of the buttons for market and pending position opening to sell.
•    Long Color - background color of the buttons for market and pending position opening to buy.

Audio files of the voice messages/alerts are supplied for the ScoutFX panel. Language of the voice messages is set to English by default.


Full description and recommendations for trading parameters of the advisor, you will find in the ScoutFX panel manual.

Advisor is compiled in ex4 extension file. In order for it to work correctly, please make sure the your terminal MetaTrader4 is version 1090 above.

купить советник Magelan
By purchasing | Loyalty points 5=$1.50| Affiliate commission $15.00| Check the active discount!


Before you will make any payment options, please read the guarantee terms.
If you have questions and you not sure if you can select optimization parameters, you can address to Tech. Support administration, or watch the video manuals on our website in «FAQ» section. 
Name of forex advisor ScoutFX Panel©, associated trade marks and logos, belongs to Kalinka Capital OU (Estonia) company.
Attention! This program is protected by copyright and international conventions laws. Illegal copying or distribution of this program, or any part of it can cause severe administrative and criminal penalties and will be prosecuted to the extent of the law.
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