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Forex trading with the use of our forex advisors is nothing like casino game, with its aggression and risks. It is directed for constant profits. Our systems are using multiple strategies of systematic and safe profit. They consider seasonal factors of currency pairs oscillations, which are used in trading. Our forex experts are using the major currencies, oscillations of which can be almost precisely analyzed.

Forex Advisor Carousel FX v.2.04

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Advisor Forex Carousel FX v.2.02 Actual version : 2.04
 Technical support: 5 days a week, through on-line chat or e-mail (on english and russian languages)
Trading strategy : no-indicator intraday trading by mathematical calculation model of the quotes activity. Market entry on Tokyo session.
Profitability : 15-30% monthly or 550-800% annually with re-investment of gained profits.
Currency pair : GBP/USD. Possible addition of new pairs in trade.
Used timeframe : any. Advisor uses timeouts to check the market situation, independently from used timeframe. You can choose any timeframe you like without changing the advisors performance.
Recommended leverage: not below 1:100, recommended 1:500.
Recommended minimal deposit: 3000$ per lot 0,01 (or $300 USD for InstaForex lot 0.01) for each used currency pair.
Trading account types: ECN, NDD, Pro, Standard, Micro … all account types supported by Meta Trader4 terminal. Accounts with tight spread up to 3 points are recommended.
Money Management: automatic control of trading position volume for market entry, in relation to the balance of trading account.
Indicators: not used.

Dear clients!
Trading strategy of Carousel FX AVG advisor is developed by the traders of Kalinka Capital OU (Estonia) company. Carousel FX AVG – stable, intraday advisor for automated forex trading.

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Description of "CarouselFX AVG" forex advisor.

info panel expert CarouselFew of the features of Carousel FX AVG are intraday trading by mathematical module of market movement calculation and hedging against loss making opened positions formed inside determined channel, based on historical data of market activity starting from 8 years back to the day of trade.
By reading this, you can think that this strategy is using algorithms to conduct trading through locking orders. No! Carousel FX AVG has no lock orders of loss positions in its trading algorithm. Breakeven output is used, through counter hedging and averaging positions to the loss making position. Advisor can use more than one option for actions to gain profit by trend and breakeven. Depending on the amount of positions in the market, time of the day and a day of the week, advisor Carousel AVG will make a decision which option to use. Strategy of Carousel FX AVG was initially created to be used on GBP/USD pair. But, it can be used on currency pairs with similar volatility. When new trading settings for Carousel FX AVG advisor become available, you will receive it as free update by e-mail you specified when purchasing the advisor. Same for the advisor version updates.
Real trading account results and test results

Results of trading/trading history, real account
* Currency pairs GBP/USD updated in real time upon opening or closing the trades. View the statement...
statement scalper
statement Carousel 
Manual of advisor. 

Manual is supplied with the archive of Carousel FX AVG advisor. Manual contains advisor description, trading settings description and recommendations on use of advisor, on 6 pages.

Trading settings expert advisor
Forex advisor uses 12 parameters of trading settings regulations and 3 additional parameters.
trading forex advisor settings Carousel FX
Trade settings
TimeFrame = every timeframe of MetaTrader4 terminal can be used. The timeframe you choose does not affects the advisor's work. Time frame you chose in metatrader4 terminal can be different to the one specified in trading settings.
StartTrade = time of the initial positions opening.
TakeProfit = profit size in points PipDD = range in points of position's loss after which advisor will open averaging position or pending order, depending on parameter set in PipsIndent.
PipsIndent = indentation in points from current price of pending order placement. If parameter is set to 0(zero), market position will be opened.
KoefLot = multiplying coefficient of averaging position from the volume of closest loss making position.
СountDDpositioun = amount of positions in loss after which KoefLot parameter will be aplied.
AverageProfitProc = percent of profit from the balance when averaging. Percent of profit is calculated independently to buy and sell positions. Current profit of positions is displayed on the chart.
FixedVolume = fixed volume of opened position. Works under condition if parameter volume10000 is set to 0(zero).
Volume10000 = automated volume calculation of opened position for each 10 000 parts of the account's balance.
TimeFixingTargetValue = time inside the daytime, in 00:00 format, from which intraday target profit is calculated.
TargetProfitPair = targeted intraday profit, when reached all positions will be closed with targeted profit fixed. If targeted profit is not reached during the day, advisor will recalculate target profit in the next time specified in settings.
targetProfitPairFriday = target profit on Friday in percents.
timeProfitFriday = time of function activation.
UseSoundCloseAll = false/true enable and disable the sound notification when profit is fixed in intraday targeted profit.
SoundClose = carouselAVG_fixed_profit_endtrade.wav name of the sound file.
UseSoundOpen = false/true enable and disable the sound notification when opening averaging position.
SoundOpen = carouselAVG_open_pos.wav name of the sound file.
UseSoundCloseAvg = false/true false/true enable and disable the sound notification when fixing the profit in breakeven.
SoundCloseavg = carouselAVG_averaged_pos.wav name of the sound file.
Comm = commentary which will be displayed in trades history. Not mandatory. You can use it for commercial purposes if you are managing the account. Can be seen for the Broker's administration.
Slip = allowed slippage in points when opening a trade.
Files of trading settings, updates. 

Trading settings are located in "Trade Settings” folder, which is located the archive of "Carousel FX AVG 2.04” advisor. When trading settings or the advisor version of Carousel AVG is updated, you will receive it by e-mail as soon as it will be published on our website.

Optimization of trading settings 

In archive of advisor is a file with "for_optimization_carousel”, name, which contains preset of optimized range of trading settings. You can optimize few or one trading setting, by marking it in the window of strategy tester parameters.

optimization settings forex trading robot Carousel FX
Installation of expert advisor and start trade in forex.

Installation Advisor is installed in MetaTrader4 trading terminal through Experts folder. Open the MetaTrader4 terminal. • In the terminal menu - «File» - «Open the data folder»

New window of Windows Explorer will open

Navigate to «MQL4» / «Experts» folder

Place the .ex4 advisor file in «Experts» folder

Restart the terminal

Downloaded installation file must be extracted from .RAR-archive and launched by double click on the icon. Follow the advisor installation instructions. After installation is complete, launch the terminal, select the advisor Magelan icon from the navigator menu, drag it at the chart of selected currency pair. Advisor can be installed for trading on more than one currency pair. Select TimeFrame period, according to the file of trading settings loaded into advisor. Selected TimeFrame will affect the advisor’s performance. Advisor works with all DC/Brokers with 4/5 digit quotes. Major condition for stable performance is permanent connection to the Internet and to your broker. In case if connection will be lost, all pending orders will be executed by your broker. After connection is restored, advisor will continue its work and support of orders.

Attention! Lifetime license, you pay only once. License of advisor has a limited account activation, one license of advisor can be activated for 1 real and 1 demo trading accounts. Activated license key for each trading account will be sent at your e-mail address, account activation process can take up to 3 hours. Service is active 24 hours/day on weekdays. Activation request can be sent at any time from the moment of advisor purchase.

You will be re-directed at the activation request form page automatically, when payment for advisor is confirmed. In this form you need to specify all required data - demo and real trading account numbers for activation, your e-mail, your second and first name.
buy forex expert Carousel FX
By purchasing | Loyalty points 14=$4.20| Affiliate commission $44.70| Check the active discount!
Before you will make any payment options, please read the guarantee terms.

If you have questions and you not sure if you can select optimization parameters, you can address to tech. Support administration, or watch the video manuals on our website in «FAQ» section. 

Name of advisor/expert "Carousel FX”©, associated trade marks and logos, belongs to Kalinka Capital OU (Estonia) company.
Attention! This program is protected by copyright and international conventions laws. Illegal copying or distribution of this program, or any part of it can cause severe administrative and criminal penalties and will be prosecuted to the extent of the law.
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