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Forex trading with the use of our forex advisors is nothing like casino game, with its aggression and risks. It is directed for constant profits. Our systems are using multiple strategies of systematic and safe profit. They consider seasonal factors of currency pairs oscillations, which are used in trading. Our forex experts are using the major currencies, oscillations of which can be almost precisely analyzed.

HEDGE GATE intraday multi-currency hedging forex advisor. Starting from March 2017, new, 3rd generation!

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hedging forex expert HEDGE GATE
 Actual version: 3.1.14
 Last date of release: 01/03/2017
 Last date of trading settings release: 01/03/2017
 Technical support: 5 days a week, through on-line chat or e-mail (on english and russian languages)
 Platform/OS: Windows
 Purpose: automated trading and automated trades execution on Forex market through MetaTrader4 (MetaQuotes Software Corp) trading terminal.
 Trading strategy: intraday multi-currency trading, based on analysis of currency pair behavioral factors and cross courses hedging.
 Trading account types: ECN, NDD, Pro, Standard, Micro … all account types supported by MetaTrader4 terminal.
 Recommended leverage: not below 1:100.
 Profitability: 30 - 60% per month or up to 750-1800% per year with re-investment of gained profits and minimal use of free funds.
 Quotes type: automatic determination of quotes 4 (1,2342) or 5 (1,23429) digits after comma.
 Money Management: automatic control of trading position volume for market entry, in relation to the balance of trading account.
 Currency pair : EUR/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/AUD - available settings.
 Used time frame: D1.
 Recommended minimal deposit: 150$ per 0,01 standard lot (InstaForex lot 0.10), for each currency pair used in trading, with pledge up to 250$ per 1.0 standard lot. With higher pledge on few currency pairs, minimal deposit must be increased in relation to the increased pledge.
 Indicators: self-learning system is used, adapting to changed behavioral factors of each currency pair.
 Informational content: Information output on chart through the info panel, levels of profit/loss fixing, voice message alerts about market position opening or pending order placement and profit fixing.
 Installation: advisor is installed in MetaTrader4 terminal through installation file automatically.
 Trading settings: Settings for currency pairs EUR/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/GBP, GBP/CHF, CHF/JPY, GBP/JPY, AUD/JPY, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, AUD/USD, EUR/AUD, EUR/CHF, EUR/JPY are supplied with advisor. Trading settings need to be installed manually through the properties of advisor window.
I just found 2,000 ways that were wrong - I only needed to find one way to make it work.
-Thomas Edison-
We've found the right way! HEDGE GATE!
-Kalinka Capital OU-
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Dear traders!  

We are happy to present to your attention the all new multi-currency hedging forex advisor HEDGE GATE of the third generation!
We have majorly changed and improved the advisor's algorithm. Strategy of market entry point calculation remains the same, «Gann square» theory.
Starting from the year 2013 we have started improving the algorithm of actions to support opened loss and profit positions. And we have achieved great success!
As in previous versions of the advisor, we saved the strategy option with the use of StopLoss. But we have achieved more with breakeven strategy.
Following modules were integrated in HEDGE GATE v.3.0 algorithm :

Intraday targeted profit.
Targeted profit with calculations from set date.
Loss hedging with the most negative position on account of partial profit gained with another currency pairs.
Market entry with the grid of pending orders, inside borders of projected intraday profit channel.

Now, the work of HEDGE GATE advisor became more profitable and less risky in comparison to the previous versions of the advisor. MoneyManagement strategy is now more flexible and logical, performing arrays of calculations in seconds, advisor reacts on any changes in account balance. Depending on time, logical solutions are executed, tied to market behavior in accordance with current intraday session.

And now more details about new features of third generation versions of the advisor.
Attention! All four new modules are working with both trading styles, with the use of breakeven or StopLoss.
Targeted intraday profit.
In previous versions of the advsior, less than perfect variation of similar module was used.
How is third generation module works:
In module settings, you determine profit percentage which you wish to gain inside trading day from each currency pair in use. Traders with previous versions of the HEDGE GATE advisor are aware about the fact that not each trading day all used pairs receive a signal on position opening. As there was no solid grounds on the projection of market movement. So it is not every day that we are reaching set profit percentage inside trading day. Why does it happened? Set profit was always the same, but the amount of used pairs is different. It can be one out of nine, resulting in waiting till the end of session, to close the only opened position in some profit. Statistically, every major currency pair has its certain amount of intraday volatility, accordingly, by using averaged value of used currency pairs volatility, we are using averaged amount of profit in percents from each pair. Now, almost daily we are fixing the profit in relation to the total value of the total amount of traded instruments, by currency pairs in the market. Resulting in increased profitability of trading strategy and more balanced trade.
Target profit from set date - best solution to the main goal of account managers!
By the traders of our main company Forex Invest Group OU a task was made, to create a multitask module of targeted profit. Which should execute calculations from set date and take into account profits/losses by closed positions, market positions and amount of used currency pairs per set period. This task was completed, and this module is now integrated in new version of HEDGE GATE advisor, as some part of our clients, and Forex Invest Group OU traders, are managing the client accounts.
Features of the module and its operation.
Accounting of profit/loss from start date, set in settings.  
Total account of all opened and closed positions on trading account, even positions that were not opened or closed by the HEDGE GATE advisor itself, positions of third party advisors/robots, scripts or manual opened positions.
Constant account of profit/loss balance by the amount of used currency pairs during specified period.
Profit fixing by closing all trades on account when specified target profit amount of used instruments in trading cap is reached.   
By using this module, account balance can change in any direction for positive or negative, and HEDGE GATE will react to these changes and will make certain adjustments in calculations, accordingly with the changes. Which in turn decreases the PAMM managers involvement in constantly changing the parameters.
Losses hedging module.
This automated algorithm of actions was missed by traders who were using averaging strategy. Now there can be no worries about possible drawdowns because of long term problems with loss making position, and its long term break even withdrawal. Can we remind you that trading strategy by the «GANN SQUARE» theory is one of the most profitable strategy, with the amount of profit trades of 95%, there are still loss making positions to face.
In case if there is a trouble making loss position, with the help of loss hedging module loss making positions are closed on account of profit positions on other instruments. And in most cases, before triggering the averaging module. On account of this module, possible drawdowns decreased in twice, profit factor value and mathematical expectation has increased. In total, trading results improved on several orders.
Module properties.
When closing the positions in profit, HEDGE GATE will look for position with the most losses in currency of the deposit and if there is such position, advisor will close it completely, or partially, decreasing the lot volume of the position. In part, loss hedging directly depends on set in parameter's value, proportions of used part of gained profit by profit position and the amount of losses in market. Advisor can liquidate loss making position one time, or make several attempts.
Also, during the trading process, advisor supports all positions opened on account. And if there are positions that were opened by mistake, against the market, opened by other advisors or manually, HEDGE GATE will fix this mistakes and will lead the account to profits. So, you can use launch HEDGE GATE advisor with loss making positions already in the market. HEDGE GATE will close loss making orders on account of its profits.

Next, we will show you how HEDGE GATE solves problems with loss making positions.

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Dear traders!
You've probably heard about trading systems that are based on neural nets, or self learning algorithms. But could not start trading with such system. There are few reasons for this : 

 There is no such system in free distribution, as it was not yet created.
 Such system exists, but its creators use it in their own trading, without sharing it to anyone else, as profit from the sales of this system is not relevant for them.
We don't keep profit strategies hidden !

Besides forex trading, secondary direction of our company is trading systems creation for forex trading, and its commercial distribution.

We've created worthy, highly profitable, self-learning, automated trading system. Work on this system never stopped from the year 2011, excluding weak points and reinforcing strong positions of this strategy. We can now proudly offer you a multi-currency, self-learning and hedging forex advisor "HEDGE GATE

We are not hiding the profitable strategies!
Besides trading on forex market, second occupation of our company is the trading strategies creation for Forex trading and its commercial distribution. 
We created a solid system that is suitable for demanding forex traders, it is highly profitable, self-learning and automated. We worked on this system starting from 2011 and excluded the weak sides and managed the strong of this strategy. And we are happy to present it to your attention, multi-currency, self-learning, hedging forex advisor "HEDGE GATE”
 HEDGE GATE v.2.0 - is a 95-100% profitable trades,
 average duration of positions in the market,
 not more than 10 hours, so you would not pay additional swaps to your broker,
 use of stop loss, no averaging and "martingale", hedging strategy by major currency pairs.
 Calculations for market entry on the basis of " Gann Square " theory.
 For example - best trading result on EUR/USD during 2013, is 1 542% of profit!
Strategy description.
The main advantage of "HEDGE GATE” advisor – is 100% absence in need of advisor optimization or trading settings changes for market analysis, responsible for market entry accuracy. You won't need it!  
The only thing that you can change on your discretion is the % of total profit on every trades, opened on your trading account and any desired intraday time for profit fixing on each currency pair separately. 
Everything else "HEDGE GATE" advisor will calculate and analyse itself. 
What does "HEDGE GATE” do, how it analyses the market to gain stable income? 
We will not open all of this EA's work algorithm, thanks to which, this strategy works with such profits. We will only describe the main system parameters and trading style, as real and test trading results, guaranteed, will prove the profitability of this system. 
About the "HEDGE GATE"
 "HEDGE GATE” won't need trading settings optimization. There is nothing to optimize. As this is fully self-learning trading system with high intelligence level and logical calculation of market movement characteristics.  
 "HEDGE GATE” enters the market in the beginning of trading day, at 00:00 by GMT+2. 
 Algorithm of trading strategy uses a history analysis of currency pairs, taking into account the results of trading day volatility (day candles/bars "D1"). Historical maximums and minimums of quotes, movement and volatility of quotes in boundaries of historical maximum and minimum, contraction and expansion of  formed triangles, their focus and priority, repetition and overlap of the major currency cross rates. 
 Strategy of open positions hedging by major currency pairs and quotes movement analysis by cross-pairs. 
 "HEDGE GATE” uses almost all major currency pairs in trading - EUR/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/GBP, GBP/CHF, CHF/JPY,  GBP/JPY, AUD/JPY, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, AUD/USD, EUR/AUD, EUR/CHF, EUR/JPY.
 "HEDGE GATE” does not uses any kind of averaging/breakeven systems. No "Sitts-out" of loss positions. 
 "HEDGE GATE” does not uses "martingale".
 On all currency pairs used for trading, positions are opened only once per day with same volumes, profit or loss is fixed during trading day. 
 Profit fixing is executed by two stages. First - in boundaries of 35-75 points, second - 120-150 points, with support of profit position by trawl. 
 During trading day, when reaching a total profit in %, specified in trading settings, on all positions, advisor closes all positions in the market. 
 "HEDGE GATE” advisor, can fix the profit on each currency pair separately at designated time. 
 Fully automated execution and support of orders in MetaTrader4 terminal. Does not requires a trader to interfere in trading process.  
 Automated capital management, trader can set the desired % of deposit use only once, "HEDGE GATE” will calculate volumes of opened positions in relation to deposit growth, independently. Trader can disable this function as well, and use only fixed volumes of opened positions. 
 Initially, "HEDGE GATE” was created for capital management for investors and PAMM accounts. Module of  "Money Management” copes well with the specific movements of funds (daily deposit / withdrawal) of investors on PAMM accounts. "HEDGE GATE” will suite well the private traders and account managers. 
Now let's see the MetaTrader4 trading terminal, and how it will look like with "HEDGE GATE” advisor. We are sure! That this is not something that can be easily accomplished. As you can see on the figure below, you don't need a charts of different TimeFrames and advanced quotes chart. You need only one day-candle chart to see the today's result. No technical or fundamental analysis, and custom indicators! You don't need to follow the averaging process or monitor the losses! You don't need to do anything. Just see and enjoy. "HEDGE GATE” will do it all itself! 
Trader only need to support the overall computer condition and internet connection during the forex market hours.  
trading terminal МТ4 HEDGE GATE

Option with enabled without-loss outuput - filter "Candle Filter" = false/disabled, "MA Fliter" = true/enabled
Results of HEDGE GATE tests 
Presented test results, on historical data cant show full potential of HEDGE GATE advisor. As MetaTrader4 is unable to conduct multi-currency hedging tests.

Information updated 12.09.2013 (trade adjustment eur_usd_build_tp_sl_07122013_01_v.2.0.set)
Information updated 12.13.2013 (trade adjustment eur_jpy_build_average_risk4_percent12_07122013_01_v.2.0.set)
Information updated 12.13.2013 (trade adjustment eur_jpy_build_average_07122013_01_v.2.0.set)
Information updated 12.13.2013 (trade adjustment usd_jpy_build_tp_sl_07122013_01_v.2.0.set)
Information updated 12.13.2013 (trade adjustment usd_cad_build_tp_sl_07122013_01_v.2.0.set)
Information updated 12.13.2013 (trade adjustment gbp_usd_build_tp_sl_07122013_01_v.2.0.set)
Information updated 12.13.2013 (trade adjustment gbp_jpy_build_tp_sl_07122013_01_v.2.0.set)
Information updated 12.13.2013 (trade adjustment eur_cad_build_tp_sl_07122013_01_v.2.0.set)
Information updated 12.13.2013 (trade adjustment eur_aud_build_tp_sl_07122013_01_v.2.0.set)

Представленные результаты тестирования, на исторических данных, не отображают всего потенциала форекс советника HEDGE GATE. Так как в тестере стратегий торгового терминала Meta trader 4 нет возможности выполнить мультивалютный тест по всем используемым парам одновременно с использованием стратегии хеджирования.
Parameters and trading settings.
A few more advantages of HEDGE GATE advisor. Advisor uses 29 parameters of trading settings regulation of support and profit fixing and 9 additional parameters. In HEDGE GATE advisor, parameters of market entry accuracy is not regulated, as advisor uses unique algorithm of market analysis and cross-hedge of profit and loss positions in the market.
Language of info bar.
You can choose language of text and sound information on Russian or English.
Few options of profit fixing. 
8 parameters with the help of which, you can choose two options of profit fixing, depending on market positions condition (profit/loss) in total profit of all positions. Duration of opened positions location in the market and profit fixing in specified profit, if the quote not reached specified TakeProfit in specified time period.
Module of trading positions volume control. 
Automated system "Money Management” is used in advisor, which determines the amount of used funds in trading, in % relation from the balance of trading account, by pre-determined parameters, automatically. Which in turn increases the effectiveness of trading and profit, as gained profit is accounted in future trading as well. This function relieves the trader from constant control and manual calculation of lot volume.
In additional parameters of advisor you can choose to use voice messages, or change the audio files used as a voice messages by default on your own audio files.
Manual on advisor use.
Manual of HEDGE GATE advisor is supplied in the set of advisor. Manual contains full trading strategy and trading settings description, recommendations of use, tab of reccomended to use cross-heging currency pairs divided on three categories on 9 pages. 
HEDGE GATE trade adjustment
Files of trading settings, updates
Files of trading settings for EUR/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/GBP, GBP/CHF, CHF/JPY,  GBP/JPY, AUD/JPY, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, AUD/USD, EUR/AUD, EUR/CHF, EUR/JPY currency pairs are supplied with the advisor, and located in "Trade Settings” folder, in archive of "EA_HEDGE_GATE” advisor.
When new version updates for forex advisor HEDGE GATE or trading settings will be publicated you will be informed through the news banner on our website, and e-mail, sent at your address.

Optimization of trading settings 
In archive of advisor is a file with "for_optimization_hedge_gate”, name, which contains preset of optimized range of trading settings. You can optimize few or one trading setting, by marking it in the window of strategy tester parameters.
In HEDGE GATE advisor, trading settings of market entry accuracy optimization, is not needed at all, as algorithm of market entry direction calculation, can't be optimized. You can only optimize parameters of filters and profit position support.
Optimization options trading advisor HEDGE GATE
Attention! Lifetime license, you pay only once. License of advisor has a limited account activation, one license of advisor can be activated for 1 real and 1 demo trading accounts(single license) and 2 real and 2 demo trading accounts (Full lecense). 
Activated license key for each trading account will be sent at your e-mail address, account activation process can take up to 3 hours. Service is active 24 hours/day on weekdays. Activation request can be sent at any time from the moment of advisor purchase.
You will be re-directed at the activation request form page automatically, when payment for advisor is confirmed. In this form you need to specify all required data - demo and real trading account numbers for activation, your e-mail, your second and first name.
Before you will make any payment options, please read the guarantee terms.
If you have questions and you not sure if you can select optimization parameters, you can address to tech. Support administrati
скачать dle 10.3фильмы бесплатно

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